Advanced Features Software for the ECCT

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The ECCT Advanced Features Software provides a numerical and graphical disply of the ECCT test parameters which makes coil testing and adjusting easier.  It also allows you to change the Multi-Spark coil firing rate from 375 to 5000 RPM and the number of sparks fired from 2 to 250.  These feratures permit you to fine tune coils for the ultimate in performance.  Please note the Magneto Test screen will not appear unless the ECCT Magneto test option has been installed on the ECCT.  (See Magneto Test Option)

Advanced Features Software can be Purchased with the ECCT with a discount of $50.


Additional Information

The Electronically Cranked Coil Tester (ECCT) is used to test and align Ford and K-W Model T coil units used on 1913 to 1927 model years.  It is a unique electronic instrument capable of aligning coil points with ease and precision previously unachievable with previous tools.  The ECCT permits coil point adjustment by dwell time to fire so that each coil can be precisely adjusted to minimize coil to coil (cylinder to cylinder) ignition timing variation for optimal engine performance.  The ECCT also tests the internal capacitor (Condenser) for proper value and leakage to ensure maximum point life and optimum coil performance. 

The ECCT operates very differently from the Hand Cranked Coil Tester - HCCT. The ECCT measures and displays the coil dwell time to fire which engine ignition timing variation and ultimate engine performance. The HCCT measures and displays the average RMS current which is proportional to coil dwell time to fire but merely an indicator of time to fire because coil current can be influenced by many other variables including coil to coil inductance variations which can be rather significant. Simply put, that’s why you adjust ignition timing in modern cars for best performance and not ignition “Currenting”.

The ECCT measures coil dwell time to fire from a relaxed, steady state or standby condition similar to when the timer is in between cylinders and the coil is waiting to fire. ECCT coil excitation is a rapid step change in voltage similar to what the magneto delivers to the coil when the timer comes on contact during normal engine operation. The HCCT, on the other hand, applies a continuous AC excitation voltage to the coil without ever permitting the coil to rest in between firings as the timer and ECCT do. The HCCT voltage amplitude is also abnormally weak during hand cranking compared with normal engine operation. The slowly cranked HCCT magneto output also rises uncharacteristically slow compared with normal engine operation so coil operation is adjusted for abnormally slow engine operating conditions.  The ECCT permits coil point adjustment with engine operating speeds up to 5000 RPM.

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Advanced Features Software for the ECCT

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